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Describing themselves as a “philanthropic, quasi-religious, borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants,” it’s not hard to believe the claims that Burger Records is the coolest record label in the world right now.

Through a relentless dedication to their work and an obsessive passion for discovering new music, their 10-year old record label is now stamped into the rock ‘n’ roll history books, influencing layers of sub-culture most of us scramble to know about.

Their record store, which sits sandwiched between a Vietnamese restaurant and a tattoo parlour in Fullerton, California, is usually the only window outsiders are offered into the Burger Records institution.

In early November, The Slow Canggu offered a deeper glimpse at the back stage, behind the scenes happenings of this world for the very first time, releasing a collection of candid, unpretentious film photos offered up by their head honcho, Sean Bohrman.

Referred to as “the nerve center of fourth-wave garage rock” by The New York Times, the boys from Burger Records have released music by a dizzying list of talent, including Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dave Grohl, The Black Lips, Ryan Adams, and Beck.

Proving his talent pool to be seemingly limitless, Bohrman was in attendance on the night complimenting his photo exhibition with a live vinyl DJ set of bubblegum music. Like preceding events held within the walls of The Slow, it was a night that enlightened guests into a new suite of music.

“This will be our first photo exhibit,” Bohrman told inBali in the lead up to the event. “It will chronicle the behind the scenes antics here at Burger Records. I love seeing backstage footage from the 60s and 70s, so I think it’s important we keep track of what we’re doing visually.”

Visiting Bali for the very first time, Sean was joined by his girlfriend, Chereis, who also jumped behind The Slow’s rooftop vinyls. Bringing her own pool of creative talent to the duo, Chereis does much of the artwork for Burger Records’ iconic poster collection and heads up her own label of artwork and clothing called Weird Class.

burger records at the slow