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Quince represents the kind of café every neighborhood should have – excellent coffee, sophisticated breakfast and inventive lunches – all served in a bright inviting space with a minimalist décor. It’s got big front windows, inside seating and outside patio shaded by all kinds of lush tropical plants.

But looks aside, the primary reason why we are highlighting Quince in the plethora of neighborhood cafes is because the food here not only looks exceptional, it also tastes exceptionally flavorsome! Truly killer original breakies, such as; Overnight Oats soaked in almond milk or perfectly seasoned Pumpkin and Quinoa Patty with poached eggs on crunchy asparagus, sprinkled with tasty feta cheese.  quince_cafe2Inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, the lunches at Quince comprise mostly of freshly tossed salads packed with unusual herbs and spices. The dynamic couple behind the concept is big on texture and flavor, so we can guarantee absolutely nothing will ever taste bland there. Your belly will thank you for swinging by this little hidden gem of a café.quince_cafe1Also, did we tell you about the coffee? Organic, rich in taste, less acidic and sourced from the famous Freak Roasters in Ubud. They’ve got coconut milk alternative for those who get goose bumps when someone says dairy.quince_cafe4They definitely care about aesthetics at Quince, evident by a home decor store adjacent to the café – ideal if you are in the market for either tasteful souvenirs or want to spruce up your Bali nest with some highly original textile ideas. After you’ve stuffed your tummy with all the Quince home style cooked yumminess, of course.

Jl.Pantai Berawa 51

Insta: @quince_bali

Open: 8am – 4pm, Tue – Sun

Shelter Café Bali

The experience at Shelter is highly instagrammable and get this: the food actually tastes even better than it looks! The menu has a ton of variety and offers a well crafted mix of both indulgent, healthy and even vegan offerings, so everybody will find their favorite nosh at Shelter.shelter_3You can get that naughty Shelter Burger and your friendly oh so conscious vegan salad with a side of gluten free bread. Shelter prides itself on using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and you can taste that in every bite.shelter_2They serve all day breakfast – eggs any way you like them, plus a few notable signature dishes – you won’t want to miss Quinoa Porridge or Rainbow Chia Seed Pudding. Lunch is all about gigantic deli sandwiches, bowls of freshly tossed salads, decadent burgers and to top it off: excellent, creamy “Rawesome” Cheesecakes. (try the white choco & blueberries=pure Nirvana)shelter_4Don’t forget to pair it with authentic Shelter coffee blend, thick smoothies – Shelter booster tastes like heaven and pure ice cold juices. The next best things about Shelter (except Insta for the food obviously) is that the café has got a completely unpretentious atmosphere. Climb up the stairs to food heaven, sit yourself on a breezy, jungly patio, overlooking a huge soccer field, order a latte (or two) and get ready to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure.shelter_1Jl.Drupadi 2B, Seminyak

Insta: @shelterseminyak


Open: 7.30am – 6pm Every day


You gotta hand it to the Sprout people for offering exactly what the young bright things of Canggu want. Top notch Empirical coffee, their own blend, of course and a well-balanced menu. They offer classics with a twist – herbivores try their green omelet or their signature Island bowls – they will have your taste buds skip from one to the next. You’ll also find a few vegan options, as that seems to be all the rage these days – hello vegan burger with homemade sriracha sauce. Their big thing is Middle Eastern inspired salads: our favorite thing is to indulge in the Trio: – select any 3 and they toss it into a big bowl for you.sprout_1This is the kind of casual place where you can bring your super picky friend, but also find some bacon extravaganza dish for yourself. The space is bright, with tasteful décor and big murals on the walls.sprout_3They’ve got a solid brunch set up here, too. High on their list of accomplishments is their in-house made breads and pastries. You haven’t had poached Avo eggs, until you’ve had them on the deliciously fluffy pumpkin bread. Love at the first bite!sprout_4For gluten-free crowd they’ve got a new in house special – pancakes, flavorful goodness topped with a scoop of choco ice cream, just the way our Gran makes them!sprout_2You’ll feel good at Sprout, it is a nice place for a meeting, date or a solo breaky trip.

Jl. Raya Semat 18a, Canggu


Insta @sproutbali

Open: 7am – 5pm Every day

Pics by: www.bali-cafes.com