Bali Guides

Do you want turtle curry or deep-fried dragonflies? Why is this vodka yellow? Would you like a happy ending to go with that massage? Actually, what even is a happy ending?

We understand that things can sometimes get awkward/confronting/scary when you’re in a new place, and so we’ve have prepared a few handy Bali guides so you don’t have to be ‘that guy’ in Bali.

Bali virgins will want to check out ‘Top tips for Bali first timers’ which offers pragmatic advice on visas, currency exchange, transport, Wi-Fi access, essential supplies and where to get the best deal on a Bintang singlet. Jokes! You’ll find info on all things Bintang clothing related, as well as a 101 on Bali bartering, in the smart shopping guide.

While many Balinese locals speak varying degrees of English, it’s always nice for visitors to know a little of the native tongue. The basic introduction to Bahasa Indonesian will have you saying ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘no corn rows for me, thank you’ in no time at all.

For the foodies there’s a breakfast until midnight guide to Indonesian street food as well as a directory on some of Bali’s more refined restaurants.

Adventure seekers, we’ve got you covered in the guides for extreme sports and mountain climbing, and then we recommend checking out the info on massages.

For the rupiah-conscious traveler there are tips on eating, living and travelling on a budget that won’t see you on the poverty line but will enrich your stay.

There’s an essential weather guide that both holidaymakers and event planners alike should read, as well as a more detailed event planning guide that provides invaluable information on holding local events such as to always hire a rain-stopper. Yep, they exist!

There are tips on what to pack, how to recycle, who to avoid, which yoga school is best suited to you, which pool to relax by, which bar to follow it up with and even some pointers on moving to the island. And just in case you’re thinking of running off to Thailand, we’ve done a comparison of Asia’s yin and yang of beach getaways. Sorry, Phuket, but you’ve been outdone.