What's Hot

In 2010 Seminyak was Bali’s trendiest neighbourhood. Potato Head Beach Club was newly established, boutiques were popping up left, right and centre, and international chefs were setting up business like nobody’s business. While Seminyak is still very much on trend and totally hot on the spectrum of what is and what’s not, other areas and attractions are beginning to come into their own and we think they deserve a bit of the spotlight too. From neighbourhoods to festivals to drinking holes to nature walks, we will keep you in the know.

Canggu, a new favourite hangout no doubt due to its relaxed village vibe and high density of quality coffee drops, is in there. So too are the luxe beach clubs and seafood warungs of Jimbaran Bay. Foodies will also want to check out Bali’s best restaurants as well as the breakfast until midnight guide to Indonesian street food. For cultural travellers we’ve got the lowdown on both the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and Balinale, Bali’s international film festival. Keen daytrippers, allow us to introduce you to Tampak Siring, home to the holy water temple of Tirta Empul and the world heritage site, Gunung Kawi. And because Airbnb has changed Bali’s accommodation from how we once knew it, we recommend 12 of the sexiest villas to stay in. There’s info on the latest recycling trends, a 101 on Ubud’s yoga scene, how to capture the perfect beach shot, dance festivals, tropical fruits, TED events, beach bars, surf villas, spa packages, dolphin excursions, big wave surfing, small wave surfing, vegan hangouts and even a few handy tips on moving to Bali because, let’s face it, you know you want to.