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It’s been precisely a decade since the formation of Californian rock band, Allah-Las. During this 10-year expanse they’ve created 3 albums and an iconic internet radio station – Reverberation Radio – whilst steadily collecting a catalogue of influential praise. Named amidst the best act of Coachella 2017 by Rolling Stone Magazine, we were pretty happy to hear about their return to Bali as full 6-piece set for the island’s inaugural festival of music, film and arts, Oh So Slow.

We were lucky enough to hear from Allah-Las members Matthew, Miles, Spencer, and Pedrum about the festival, their connection to Bali, and the plethora of cool things they currently have in production…

First off, can you tell us a little about Oh So Slow festival?
Oh So Slow festival is good time for all who can make it. It will include an array of art, music and film spanning genre, culture, and language. Screenings from drama, animation, short, experimental, surf and even music videos.

What are you bringing to your Oh So Slow gig? Are you doing a usual set or something different?
We won’t be bringing much other than guitars and some percussion pieces, it’s long flights with connections to be carrying a bunch of gear. Most of what we need will have to be rented locally. We’ll be doing a normal set but also have some plans for an additional instrumental set where we will have the opportunity to play some of the tracks we wrote for a forthcoming surf movie. We will also be carrying some vinyl records and a box with all the films.

Why are you excited about Oh So Slow?
Last year, just having the Reverberation DJ nights and the Las shows at The Slow was such a good time, this year with the art show, film screenings and additional bands it’s only gonna be better.

How does this festival differ from what you normally do? After playing some pretty big gigs, what does it mean to you to connect to a more niche crowd here in Bali?
We have been wanting to tour and travel more in Southeast Asia for as long as we have been touring internationally, and having the opportunity to play to people who might not necessarily be familiar with what we do is a welcome part of that experience. It’s refreshing to play all kinds of gigs; big, small, at home, and abroad. Also, we’ve curated a lot music over the years, but never a 3-day festival spanning music, art, and film. Should be interesting and fun.

What’s your connection to the island of Bali? 
It was all of our first time in Bali when we came to play last year following our Australian tour. We Stayed in Canggu most of the time but made it to Uluwatu for a couple of days and Ubud for a day trip. We’ve been wanting to make it back ever since.

How did your affiliation with The Slow come about? 
A couple of us stayed there last time, and we spent a good amount of time hanging out, eating, drinking. We – through Reverberation Radio – were contacted by George and Steve a few years back when they were first opening because they were interested in sound design for the hotel. When we found out that a boutique hotel near the beach in Bali was listening to our mixes, it was a dream. We agreed to help with sound design because we liked the aesthetic and approach of George, The Slow’s owner. The feedback has been great and George afforded us the opportunity to make it to Bali twice in two years, so I would say there are many things that we love about it.

What else do you have going on at the moment?
We are home in LA mostly, working on our fourth record in a studio we have rented near the LA River, and playing gigs here and there when we get the time. Next month we’ll be live scoring a new surf film at Marfa Myths in Marfa, Texas. Also, we’ve recently launched Tiki Rocket, an entertainment production company, as well as new record label called Calico Discos and a fashion line to pair with Reverberation Radio. Lots of spinning plates.

Where will you be off to post Bali?
Wherever the spirits take us…Probably planning our next Oh So Slow.