They’ve tried the snapper ceviche at  Sea Circus. Sipped single malt scotch at Charlie’s. And been to every volcano and cultural show known to the island.

And they’ve done it all for you. Meet our talented team of writers who trawl the streets of Bali round the clock just to keep us up do date with this ever evolving, island paradise. Bless their little cotton socks. If you want to see your face in this list, head over to our Contribute Page.

Samantha Chalker


Samantha Chalker is the Editor of inBali and Founder of Monsoon Blooms. When she's not scanning Bali editorial or plotting the rise of her fairtrade fashion biz, she cares for a tiny human named Cypress.

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke is the editor-in-chief of Global Hobo. She spends her time contracting tinea in foreign countries, taking afternoon naps and drinking red wine through a straw.

Shaun Fisher

Shaun Fisher is an Australian freelance writer currently spilling words for Vice, Global Hobo and inBali.

Lani Ricefield

Lani is part of Bali's barefoot bohemian movement. One-half of the Canggu Chronicles facebook blog, she is madly in love with everything Bali and spends her days adventuring around the island, sharing her musings as she goes.

Andrea Purnomo

Social and adventurous at heart, you will find Andrea on a multi-day trail in a remote wilderness, climbing a mountain, kayaking down a desolate river, learning to fly a plane, or working on her surf and tan on the beach. Andrea is a freelance travel writer, with her works published both online and in magazines.

bridget northeast

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Bridget has lived in Ireland and Boston, but Australia will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

Brittany Dwyer

Brittany Dwyer is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten tracks and down the roads less travelled.

Brittany Webster

A Biomedical Science student by day, Brittany spends her nights dreaming of faraway places. With a love of adventure, experiencing new things and photographing her travels, she can't wait to see everything the world has to offer.

Carine Buncsi

Before Carine's foray into photography and writing, she worked on fashion magazines, TVCs, feature films and animation production. She is a seasoned wanderluster, energised and inspired by interesting people and faraway lands.

Geoff Vivian

Geoff Vivian is an arts and science writer pursuing a lifelong passion for Aboriginal and Southeast Asian culture, and anything to do with DEEP TIME. He is a native of Denpasar’s southernmost suburb, aka Perth Western Australia.

Hanna McDonald

A lover of red wine, beautiful buildings and property design, if Hanna's not reading investment magazines and checking out the hottest properties on the block, you'll probably find her in a warung practicing her Indonesian.

Hannah Silverton

A British/Aussie hybrid, Hannah has been following the sun around the world since she could walk and has loved words since she could talk. Happiest with barefeet, a notepad and a new adventure.

Ita Amahorseija

Ita Amahorseija loves to discover and present new photos and stories online. Her favourite city is Amsterdam, her favourite island is Bali and her favourite country is in between The Netherlands and Indonesia. Most of the time you can find her online if not in Amed, East-Bali where Villa Sinar Cinta is her 'second home'!

Jed Smith

Jed Smith is a freak-lance journalist specialising in oddball surf culture. And in his spare time, smokes joints and reports on global issues for the likes of Vice Magazine, The Australian and The Guardian.

Kate McKee

Kate is a freelance lifestyle writer who scribes about anything from natural health and beauty to interior design, organic gardening, and ghosts. When not tapping away at her trusty keyboard, she can be found seeking coffee, planning her next travel adventure, day dreaming or walking her dogs.

Katya Kasatkina

A Moscovite with a deep rooted love for this planet, life, wild nature, megapolises and anything Asian. Fell in love with the island of Gods the moment she inhaled its incense-infused air for the first time.

Liam Kennedy

A writer, photographer and filmmaker from the UK, Liam has had his heart, brain and belly filled by the Islands of the Gods. If you see him without a pen or a camera, he will probably be holding a cold Bintang. And he might even buy you one.

Masha Mozolevskaya

Masha is a travel journalist who selected Bali as the perfect base for takeoffs and landings, only to realise she didn't like leaving that much. She keeps herself busy by managing her caffeine shack, Drop, in Seminyak. Pop by for a latte and say hi!

Mark Chaves

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Mark enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Mark’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs, and wishing to be a rock star in his next life. He would be very disappointed if you were in Bali and didn't meet him for a coffee.

Nichola Spain

Eating and traveling are Nichola’s first loves. A freelance writer, journalist and producer, she is most content when trying and experiencing new things to share with you. Based in Melbourne, the world is her second home and Bali her mistress.

Simone Roberts

A recent university graduate majoring in all things Indonesian, Simone Roberts has truly fallen in love with the local life in Bali. She can be found hanging out at warungs enjoying the best of Indo cuisine, or exploring the streets on the back of a scooter.


Always on the search of new and unique experiences. eOasia is a group of travel enthusiasts, eager to share the knowledge they’ve acquired from their trips. Constantly on the roads, they try and test carefully handpicked activities in different Asian countries.

Veronika K

Veronika is not only a journalist, she is also a caffeine dependent life form and a travel junkie. Prague raised, Bali based – she has been living the life in flip-flops since 2008. When not on her laptop forging words, she can be found playing in the ocean or practicing her headstands. Vero’s hobbies are breaky, lunch & dinner and writing about herself in the third person.