If your life goals involve getting cornrows, learning to meditate and going volcano trekking, all in the one day, then Bali is the place for you. The island’s stunning geography lends itself nicely to a wide range of activities including, but certainly not limited to, surfing, jungle trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, scuba diving, kite surfing, ocean walking, golfing, horse riding, mountain cycling, canyon tubing, and even bungee jumping whilst on fire, although we wouldn’t recommend the latter.

For the more chilled visitor there is a wide range of yoga available on the island as well as dance, music and art classes. Foodies will delight in Bali’s excellent range of restaurants as well as their unique locations. Seafood feasts on the beach, sunset dinner cruises and clifftop cocktail hours are the norm. When you’re not busy eating the local food you can learn to make it through one of the many cooking courses on offer.

If none of this is tickling your fancy then you must be the type who likes a good game of paintball followed by a trip to the zoo and finished off with a serve of perfume making. Yes, this is all available on the island of Bali. And if you find yourself exhausted from so many activities, never fear! Bali is famous for its health retreats and lavish day spas, usually based in exotic locations. Visits can last from a few hours up to a few weeks. Once rejuvenated, you can recommence your itinerary of reptile night tours, tree house lunches and mud wrestling. Yep, Bali is a weird but very wonderful place indeed.