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Small waves roll on top of one another crashing gently into the grey toned sand. The sound is repetitive and calming and if it wasn’t for the regular but soft hum of motorbikes riding across the beach and on the dirt road behind you, it would feel as though you’re almost in complete isolation.

…there’s certainly nothing showy or over the top about Bali Eco Beach House, just simple charm.

A young Balinese boy floats back and forth in the water, he’s fishing in the shallow depths of the sea for what seems like hours. And therein lies its charm…time feels completely lost at Bali Eco Beach House.

Staying at Bali Eco Beach House

Exterior of Bali Eco Beach House

The detailed craftsmanship of Bali Eco Beach House

Bali Eco Beach House looks unassuming as you drive along the narrow road to its bamboo gates. It’s not until you get closer that you notice the detailed craftsmanship of this double story beach front shack. The top level is supported by solid and exposed wooden beams and the traditional Balinese peaked thatched roof is made from bamboo rafters and woven matting. Contrasting wooden textures work their way from the open bedroom and indoor living space to the generous veranda. The verandas cascading roof has been intricately woven with a lighter shade of  bamboo and grass roof thatching hangs unevenly over the edge, framing the ocean that sits unobtrusively in front of you. There are four cane chairs, two with footrests where you can sit and absorb the raw, natural vista.

Interior of Bali Eco Beach House

The eclectic and earthly interior of Bali Eco Beach House

Bali Eco Beach House feels eclectic and earthly. A paisley throw adorns the bed that’s propped up in the corner of the room and enclosed by a sheer white mosquito net. Wooden boxed seating lines the walls of the room and cushions are strewn across the floor.  The beauty and appeal of this place feels primitive – there’s certainly nothing showy or over the top about Bali Eco Beach House, just simple charm.

Bathroom sink at Bali Eco Beach House

Simple charm in all the details

The bathroom is located downstairs. Wooden floor boards lead to a large oval bathtub for you to soak in and a rain shower with local limestone rocks sealed into the walls sits in the corner. It’s likely you’ll take both the bath and the shower cold to deal with the heat and humidity, which seems magnified in the west. Luckily, the constant breeze coming off the ocean offers regular relief. The toilet is in its own separate room and on the wall is the quote “money can’t by you happiness, but it can buy you coffee which is kind of the same thing.” It makes you smile. Limestone rock on Bali Eco Beach House

Eco Principals

Bali Eco Beach House doesn’t use the term “eco” loosely. All of the structures within the grounds have been made from local and sustainable products and built by local tradespeople using sustainable building techniques. From using only natural cleaning products to recycling and composting, everything they do here has an environmental conscience. There’s also no air-conditioning, but there are two fans and the natural breeze helps to cool you down. Veranda at Bali Eco Beach House

Most of the food – including fruits, spices and vegetables – are harvested from their own organic garden. The owners of Bali Eco Beach house also own the award winning Sarinbuana Eco Lodgenestled in valley of Mount Batukaru. It also pays homage to sustainable living and organic produce. You can expect all homemade dishes during your stay at the Beach House, prepared in the kitchen just next to the accommodation. Traditional Balinese dishes like Nasi Campur and a slow cooked Balinese chicken curry are on the menu, as well as more Western meals like fish and chips. If you choose the Balinese dishes be mindful of the spices, they can provide quite the hit to your tastebuds.

What to do?

See fisherman on your morning walk at Bali Eco Beach House

Fishermen buoyantly fishing on rubber tyres

As soon as you arrive at Bali Eco Beach House you might wonder whether there’s much to do. For those who like to stay active there’s actually plenty. There are two bikes available for you to explore the area. You can of course go swimming in the ocean, snorkelling or even scuba diving at the Menjangan Marine Park. Just a 5 minute walk away is the Bali Barat National Park, which was established in 1941 to protect the Bali Starling and the last of the wild banteng, from which most of the Balinese cattle descend. There are 14 endangered species of flora in the national park and it’s like paradise for avid bird watchers, with 160 different bird species on view. If you wake up early enough, take a walk down the beach. You’ll see wild cattle nestled amongst the thick tropical terrain and groups of young fishermen buoyantly fishing on rubber tyres in the sea. You may even witness the locals racing the same wildlife along the beach in a cart. Motorbikes tail the decorated chariot fitted with a flag and bells that loudly clangs along the sand. The racer, knees bent stands propped up in the cart and whips the beast into action as everyone cheers around him. It’s a spectacular sight and a celebrated tradition for locals in West Bali.

traditional buffalo racing

In training for “Makepung” – West Bali’s traditional buffalo racing

For guests looking to take it down a notch and simply absorb the relaxed vibes of the beach house, there’s a smart TV and DVD player in the room. You can waste your days away watching movies or pop on a CD. You can even listen to the husky voice of Louie Armstrong on a CD titled ‘Love Songs’. There’s an easel and canvas that sits blankly in the corner of the veranda. With so much beauty in your immediate surrounds it won’t be hard to feel inspired. There is also a large beach bale separate to the house. It’s essentially a raised outdoor gazebo where you can laze about, take a nap or even sleep out overnight.

Getting to Assa Beach

Beach Bale at Bali Eco Beach House

Beach Bale at Bali Eco Beach House

The drive to Bali Echo Beach House is a long one even when traffic is kind to you. The three to four hour trip is very scenic making it all the more worth it. Stunning rice fields set along the coast line make up most of the journey and you also drive through small villages as well as more populated and established areas like Jembrana. All in all you’re not really bothered by the time that elapses, a four hour journey goes in quick time and before you know if you’ve arrived and are ready to experience the ultimate rustic beach front holiday experience. Bali Eco Beach House 

Assa Beach,
Melaya Negara,
Indonesia Bali
Email: info@baliecolodge.com
Website: baliecobeachhouse.com