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Ubud’s Newest Leading Luxury Resort

Sometimes, no matter how impressive the destination you travel to, it can be your accommodation choice that makes all the difference to how memorable a trip can be.

With the right service, location and ambience, a hotel can leave you as desperately in awe of a destination as the destination itself. Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa in Ubud is that kind of hotel; the kind that makes your heart swell with longing when you think back to your time there.

A fairly new hotel opened in July 2013 and while it’s still ironing out some kinks, there’s no doubt this hotel will become a favourite with visitors to Ubud in the years ahead. Owned by a local Balinese businessman with a love for fine art, his passion for handy crafts and property spurred him to open his dream hotel.

The name is derived from the Balinese word for soul ‘jiwa’ and ‘Kelusa’ which is the name of the surrounding village. The village is known throughout Bali for the holy grey stone that can be found in a local temple, thought to be a legacy from the honourable priest, Rsi Markandya who passed through the village centuries ago during a spiritual journey.

When making your way through Ubud, Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa  mysteriously appears amongst the steep hills of the village, deep in the heart of the local life, away from any sign of tourism. The hotel is nestled on the highland above a thriving rice paddy and surrounded by gorgeous jungle with vibrant electric green as far as the eye can see.

This property is not for the indolent, as it’s built on a sharp hillside and requires a lot of stair climbing, made all the more challenging during the blazing Balinese heat. It’s well worth the climb, but don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa

The Jiwa Klusa Experience

Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa is made up of ten private villas, six of which boast their own private pool. The design of each villa is simple and sophisticated, where the bathrooms steal the show with deep hot tubs, semi-open showers and flat screen televisions. A leisurely soak with a glass of wine in hand and you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to want to leave your room.

When you do eventually drag yourself out of the sublime comfort of your villa, you will be glad you did as the grounds will take your breath away – every time. There can’t be a sane person on earth who ever tired of the sight of a luscious palm fringed rice terrace.

The Pabhoga Restaurant will transport you to another time. Subtle chimes play while guests enjoy the contemporary Balinese and western cuisines, watching locals tend to the rice field by day and of course there is the ever commanding sunset view by twilight. Check out this short video gallery for a taste of what you can expect from a stay here.

The onsite Abing Spa will leave you feeling beautifully refreshed. It features a semi-open treatment room and therapeutics are performed by a team of highly skilled staff, using natural oils combined with local herbs and spices.

Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa

While Jiwa Klusa Luxury Villa just may be the most exciting thing to happen to Ubud recently, it’s truly the staff that make this place so unique. A vast majority of the them come from the local Kelusa village and make it their aim to introduce guests to the villager’s way of life, a welcoming foundation made up of honesty and soulful smiles.

On offer is only the highest quality hospitality; it will change everything you thought you knew about good service. Staff provide personal introductions, giving guests the instant feeling they are entering their home away from home and are more than happy to impart their knowledge of the local area.

Located about 20 minutes from the centre of Ubud, there are complimentary private shuttle busses departing every couple of hours, making it easy and comfortable to get around.

They are even able to arrange a mobile phone for you to take out during trips away from the villa so you have the convenience of contacting the staff. If that’s not service of the absolute highest standard, I don’t know what is.

Wing Prakoso, manager of this fabulous hotel says, “The property is the soul of Kelusa village, a place with positive energy where guests can come to recharge on a physical and spiritual level.”

Wing urges travellers to Bali to make Ubud a priority on their list of destinations, stating that it is the only travel spot on the island that develops cultural tourism, reflecting the great harmonies of local beliefs and the simple energy of daily life.

A stay at Jiwa Klusa embodies the true Ubud experience and guests will leave refreshed with a deeper understanding of what local life in Bali entails.

jiwa klusa luxury villa
Address: Desa Kelusa, Payangan, Ubud, Gianyar – Bali 80571
Phone:+62 361 970119
Fax:+62 361 970118


Jiwa Klusa Ubud Video

To see a beautiful slide show of images from Jiwa Klusa, feast your eyes on this video from GoHotels