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Bali is the epitome of a true melting pot. Of cultures, people, food and experiences. There are many great misconceptions of this small yet fanciful island but the true beauty of Bali is that it can be near anything you want it to be.

An enchanting destination to find or rediscover your mantra, a bustling mecca for exploring and discovering, or a place to spend quality time with friends and family in an environment where your needs are fully and happily catered for.

If you’re coming to Bali particularly for the latter, the amount of choice can be overwhelming, near suffocating. You’ll likely get to a point where you will throw your hands up in the air and say, “I’m done, it’s too hard…there’s too much to choose from. Can’t someone else do it?”

We hear your cries for help, as do the people at Vilondo villas. We know that when it comes to finding affordable (take note), luxury villas in Bali and in the perfect location, it can be challenging. Each pocket of Bali offers unparalleled experiences so it helps to have someone that can hold your hand and walk you through the differences. Even if you’ve been to Bali before, the nature of this island is that it will continue to surprise you, even in the most familiar of places.

That’s why having someone who knows the ropes can make your life a whole lot easier and your holiday a thoughtless and effortless experience. You literally won’t even need to think twice, if at all.

Luxury villas in Bali

So with that in mind we have put together 10 of the best luxury villas in Bali in a mixed bag of locations. This way  you have a variety of options with an in-depth understanding of what you can expect from both the journey and the destination.

The Pala at Pandawa Cliff Estate

Alfresco area of The Pala villa

Image credit: Vilondo villas

The ocean perfectly frames this captivating property that sits along the rugged and beautiful coastline of the Bukit Peninsula. You will be able to smell the salty air as it wisps off the ocean through the indoor, outdoor living spaces of the opulent six bedroom villa. Get your first touch of authentic balinese design as you approach the grand entrance of The Pala. The doors have been hand carved in gold, red and sea-green-painted wood. These touches of tradition are  juxtaposed with effortless and modern design, making the space feel vintage and contemporary all in the same token.

The Pala is a popular destination for couples wanting to wed in Bali. So if you’re hearing wedding bells then keep your eyes peeled. The sweeping lawns, cliff top views, stone amphitheatre and a garden that can connect to a neighbouring villa accommodates for up to 200 guests, or a more intimate affair 50 guests can be hosted on this property alone. The views are breathtaking and The Pala makes for the perfect setting to celebrate.

The villa comes equipped with enough staff to sink a ship, lucky you’re on land, not water. From a full time chef to your personal driver, your parties needs will be fully accommodated. For families and friends travelling with children, there is an entire room dedicated to aid their entertainment. Leave the toys at home and the babysitter, it’s all there for you, all you need to do it ask.

The price per night at The Pala starts from just over US$1500.

The Pala Pandawa Cliff Estate, Kutuh village, The Bukit Peninsula, South Kuta, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa Bayuh Sabbha

Dusk at Buya Sabbah

Image credit: Bayu Sabbah

The views don’t come much better than this and neither does the surf. Villa Bayuh Sabbha was one of the first to built along this jaggad coast line and for those in search a space that really makes you feel like you in Bali then this is it. The villa pays homage to its heritage with traditional balinese design and stunning antique pieces are scattered throughout. Wake up to intoxicating waves and adventurous surfers trying to master this popular break in Bali. Villa Bayuh Sabbha sprawls across three acres of land. The main pavilion hosts three of the bedrooms and there is also a guest house to accommodated for another four people, each with its own infinite pool.

Pick a spot, any spot and stare aimlessly into the Indian Ocean, this majestic and never ending vista is really what makes this property so spectacular (and of course living in the lap of luxury a close second). Even the thatched roofed pavilions make sure they compliment the view with their floor to ceiling windows. The villa boasts a tennis court, gym, personal chef, chauffeur and spa.

Another villa that is perfect for hosting an event or a wedding. Villa Bayuh Sabbha is well equipped to host up to 150 guests.

The price per night at Villa Bayuh Sabbha start from US$2029.

Villa Bayuh Sabbah, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa Bukit Naga

Poolside at Villa Bukit Naga

Image credit: Villa Bukit Naga

Onward and upward we go, literally into the lush, green mountainous terrain of Bali. Villa Bukit Naga is your ultimate escape from reality, the nearest main town Ubud is close enough but far enough away to give you some much needed rest and relaxation.

Three separate buildings make up this tranquil seven bedroom villa that sleeps up to 13 guests. Sitting perfectly in harmony with its surrounds, the villas has vast open spaces, high ceilings, marble bathrooms and an infinite pool that makes you feel as if you are on top of the world. You will feel a rush as you gaze downward into the luscious rumbling green forest and river valley below.

The villa has as many staff as it does room for guests and they ensure everything you do is with ease. Almost any service can be requested inside the privacy of this villa. From cooking classes to yoga the only part you’ll dislike about Villa Bukit Naga is that you’ll eventually have to check out. This is no Hotel California, you’ll have to leave but we’re pretty sure you’ll come again.

The price per night at Villa Bukit Naga starts from $US 1300.

Villa Bukit NagaUbud, Gianyar, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com  for reservations. 

Villa Atas Ombak

Pool and sunset of Villa Atas Ombak a luxury villa in Bali

Image credit: Villa Atas Ombok

Luxury five bedroom villa, tick. Private beach, tick. Stones throw from the action of Seminyak, tick. Need we go on? For those holiday makers in search of the best of both worlds, that is having a tranquil oasis that allows you to move in and out of reality, then search no more. One of the biggest draw cards of the Seminyak area is the restaurants, bars and shopping. One of the biggest deterrents is it can also be like Times Square on a good day. With people every where, it’s important to be able to have your own space and Villa Atas Ombak offers you just that. One and half acres of space in fact.

The villa comprises of five bedrooms, three within the main building and two guest bedrooms in a detached thatched roof pavilion complete with striking black terrazzo bathtubs and outdoor showers. Enjoy some beach side beats through the Bose sound system as you sit in the traditional open alang-alang thatched living pavilion. The sea breeze keeping you cool and relaxed.

In addition to the main pool, there is a plunge pool to help you keep fresh. The villa also has a formal dining space and private spa treatments are available inside the privacy of your room.

Another wedding venue option, this one great for bigger parties with up to 300 guests.

The price per night at Villa Atas Ombak starts from US$1931.

Villa Atas Ombak, Batubelig, Seminyak, south-west Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com  for reservations. 

Villa LeGa

Ariel view of pool and villa at Villa Lega

Image credit: Villa Lega

Like the above, Villa LeGa sits on Batubelig but is even closer to the action. For a point of reference, it is just 100 meters away from the popular W Retreat and Spa (great people watching can be done here).

The villa itself has five spacious bedrooms, the main rooms upstairs boast their own private balconies where  you can absorb the unobtrusive views of the ocean in front of you. There are also two rooftop terraces where all of your guests can enjoy the sunset over a cocktail or two prepared by the attentive villa staff.

The entrance has beautiful mosaic tiles that lead you into a modern but authentically decorated living space. The villa has a 12 meter pool providing an easy alternative to the ocean. There is a villa manager (who has been there since day dot), personal chef, butler as well as additional staff help to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing.

The price per night at Villa LeGa starts from US$1158.

Villa LeGa, Batubelig Beach, Seminyak, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com  for reservations. 

Villa Mana

Contemporary design and pool are of Villa Mana

Image credit: Villa Mana

Villa Mana is quietly nestled amongst the rice fields of Canggu. Rivalling the eye capturing and rugged coastline of Uluwatu , Canggu offers something a little different but just as breath taking. You can watch the hard working locals continue the 2000 year old tradition of farming the staple food of the Indonesian diet. Their farming practices are raw and primitive, but effective.  Villa Mana give you a front seat view and there is certainly some peace to be found in the gentle floating back and forth of the fields in front of you.

Villa Mana is perfectly suited to design buffs and those holiday makers seeking a more modern and contemporary feel of accommodation. A combination of polished concrete, stone, wood and glass create a soothing tone in this six bedroom villa. Large open living spaces encourage guests to absorb the space together. The terrace extends out to a 17 meter pool that leads down to a sprawling lawn fitted with goal posts for the footy lovers.

With Canggu just a short and pleasant distance from the hype of Seminyak, you can enjoy much of what Bali has to offer from this impressive residence.

The price per night at Villa Mana starts from US$830.

Villa Mana, Canggu, south-west Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa East Indies

Pool area of the luxury villa in Bali Villa East Indies

Image credit: Villa East Indies

There is no denying that the owners of Villa East Indies have a strong appreciation of antique furniture and design. Villa East Indies has been fully restored and tastefully decorated with Colonial period pieces catering to a quite the niche guest. Another villa in the Canggu area, East Indies lets its guests enjoys the tranquil rice patty fields and the ocean can be found just at the end of the road, taking you into the area of Echo Beach – a very chilled and innocuous part of the island.

Villa East Indies has four bedrooms, the main offers panoramic views of the lush rice fields surrounding the property. Sheet snobs will enjoy the linen with Egyptian cotton adorning all of the beds. But it’s the level of service you receive  that Villa East Indies prides itself on, it is Balinese hospitality at its finest.

Airport transfers, private chef, gym facilities, Bose sound system and a inviting pool will make it hard for guests to have any excuse to ever leave the villa. But if you have to, your stay includes a private driver for eight hours a day.

The price per night at Villa East Indies starts from US$1225.

Villa East Indies, Jalan Pura Gede Batur, Pererenan, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa Taman Ahimsa

Poolside at the villa in bali

Image credit: Villa Taman Ahimsa

It’s fitting that Villa Taman Ahimsa sits in the Tanah Lot region of Bali. Tanah Lot hosts home to an important Indonesian temple that sits just ashore on its own island. Now a haven for tourists wanting to get a glimpse of the temple and the powerful waves that crash quite spectacularly against this spiritual spot, you will also find local people tempting you with exotic animals and Bingtang singlet. You could imagine this doesn’t quite make for the most peaceful setting during peak periods.

Lucky for you Villa Taman Ahimsa offer you your own private sanctuary to meditate and connect with whatever spiritual figure you identify with. The seven-bedroom eco friendly villa was created under the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, meaning “Garden of Peace” and each room is centred on the seven different chakras or centres of spiritual power of the human body.

In just steps you can feel the sand between your toes and the rush of the salty water against your feet. Stand still, let the water feel as though it’s dragging you backward and absorb the endless seascape in front of you.

The price per night at Villa Taman Ahimsa starts from US$1740.

Villa Taman Ahimsa, Cemagi, south-west Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa Chalina

Sprawling grass, pool of luxury villa at Chalina Estate

Image credit: Villa Chalina

It’s called Villa Chalina, but in this case we’re going to rename it Villa Cha-ahhh-lina. That “ahhh” is probably the only sound that you will hear escape you mouth on a regular basis as you enter a completely relaxed state in this luxury retreat. Providing you with the ultimate escape in Canggu, Villa Cha-ahhhh-lina is a lush seven bedroom villa sitting upon a vast expanse of land. The property has been beautifully landscaped with waterfalls, ponds, manicured gardens and perfectly kept lawn.

You can keep on top of your health by swimming some laps in the 30 meter pool or scoot on down to Echo Beach for a surf. But you may get a little side tracked by indulging in a cold beer at Old Man’s. Who could blame you, it’s hot.

Wedding, parties or events are all easily hosted at Villa Chalina. For those occupying the beds, you’ve got your own butler service, personal chef among other modern luxuries you’d be safe to expect.

Get set to enjoy the soothing combination of contemporary and traditional Balinese design set amongst the rice fields of Canggu. Ahhh bliss.

The price per night at Villa Chalina starts from $1311.

Villa Chalina, Canggu, south-west Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

Villa Puri Nirwanna

Sprawling lawn of Villa Puri Nirwana

Image credit: Puri Nirwana Villa

Traveling with a party of 22? We thought you might be. Search no more, Villa Puri Nirwanna has you covered. To reach this beachside sanctuary you go the opposite way to the rest of the properties listed above. The Gianyar region is a touch further than Sanur and a just a short drive from Ubud. So if you’re looking for a good balance between the relaxed vibes of Ubud and the pumping surf of Uluwatu then this is your happy medium.

Each of the six guests rooms have their own ensuite. The master room is large enough to swing a few cats and of course takes pride of place in the centre of the villa. The doors open directly onto the lush green lawn with the pool and ocean just a stumble away. The ocean view suite has stunning white plantation shutters (a defining feature throughout the villa) that fold back to expose the views of the water. The other four upper level rooms look internally into the landscaped garden and wind around the hour with a large white decking.

There is a glass fence that separates your villa and the ocean. Purely for privacy and security, it still gives you unobtrusive views.

The price per night at Villa Puri Nirwana starts from US$1610 per night.

Villa Puri Nirwanna, Gianyar, Pantai Cucukan, Bali. Tel: +62 859 350 950 36 or email enquire@vilondo.com for reservations. 

If you’re still stuck on choice, contact the team at Vilondo villas. They’re in the know for all the best luxury villas in Bali and plus they live to make your life easier. Let them lead you to the ultimate villa destination.