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Aleph Geddis, the man behind The Slow’s heavily photographed monkey pod sculptures, is soon to take over The Slow’s gallery space of Room 13. His first solo exhibition on the island of Bali, torii will launch on the 13th of January 2018 and remain open to public until the 13th of February.

A cult-followed sculptor of boundless talent, Geddis morphs traditional methodology and modernist design to create woodworks praised and positioned in countless corners of the globe.

Raised on Orcas Island, Geddis drew early inspiration from his stepfather – a sculptor, carver and builder of wooden boats – as well as the rich and unaffected environment of the Pacific Northwest USA.

By taking strong lines and irregular shapes to raw imperfect wood, Geddis is attracting a new wave of devotees to the ancient and underrated technique of hand-carved wood.

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