Bali Life

While not wanting to simplify the essence of Bali to a pop-cultural reference, we can’t help but point out that the island is the ‘love’ in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, and the movie of the same name, Eat, Pray, Love. It’s a word that constantly arises when conversation turns to Bali, and the stuff that makes the island and its people so special. Our stories endeavour to capture the eclectic and inspiring mix of people who are part of the great Bali love story.

You will meet Balinese photographer Mohamad Basuki whose photos are inspired by the simplicity of everyday life; children ordering lunch at the local street cart, a man holding his chicken. They all seem to colour Bali in a glowing light and are testament to Busaki’s belief that those things we think are the simplest in life often have the greatest story to tell.

Next is Daryn McBride, artist, surfer, shaper, philanthropist and all round good guy. He talks about the importance of doing what you love. For him it’s painting and drawing, a natural way to stay close and true to himself.

And then there is the perennial party girl, music-maker and fashionista, Fahria Yasmin, aka DJ Yasmin. She talks about the Indonesian music scene and the wide range of opportunities she has been presented with. Yasmin credits this to always maintaining a positive outlook and embracing life. We think her talent and hard work might have had something to do with it too.

These are just a few of the characters. Each year, the island hosts up to 7.2 million people. 4.2 million are locals and about 3 million are foreign tourists. All, it seems, are very much in love with Bali.