Bali is about as photogenic as destinations come. With its secluded white-sand beaches, volcanic highlands, lush rice fields and beautiful locals, it is the Miranda Kerr of archipelagos. So rather than us waffling on about the pristine this and the exquisite that, have a look through our gallery and let the images speak for themselves.

From everyday Balinese life to the scenes of a batik factory, our photographers endeavour to capture the essence of the island. There are stunning landscapes of Bali’s rice fields rolling endlessly and fringed by palm trees. The photos are a poetic take on Bali’s quintessential postcard image. Photos of a traditional funeral not only reveal the Hindu rituals involved in such a ceremony but the deep level of faith that guides Balinese people. Displays of devotion are also captured in images of Nyepi, Bali’s annual day of silence. The powerful photographs capture the day’s rituals and are brought to life by the white and yellow soaked imagery. Photos of a daytrip to a local banjar offer an insight into the colourful and intriguing Balinese village life.

While these photos don’t elicit the same experience as actually being in Bali, walking through its rice fields, feeling the salt on your skin, they do offer a visceral insight for future visitors and a moment of reminiscence for those nostalgic travellers.